About SCS

01. What is SCS?

SCS is one of the house brands under listed Auric Pacific Group Limited (APGL), which also owns popular brands such as Sunshine, Gourmet, and Buttercup. APGL also runs the Food Junction and Delifrance chains in Singapore.Since 1905, SCS Butter has become a common fixture in kitchens around the island with its creamy, rich and buttery taste.SCS Butter is 100% pure and creamy in texture. Its unwavering promise to consistently deliver only the best even after a century, is the reason why it remains the most sought after butter brand for cooks and bakers alike. SCS is not just a synonym for butter, it is also a synonym for quality.

02. From where do SCS products come?

All SCS products are produced and manufactured in Australia.

03. How is SCS different?

For over a hundred years, the Australian produced SCS butter is a trusted brand that saw through generations of bakers and cooks- from a grandmother's proven recipe passed down to a mother, to an entrepreneurial younger generation who has now literally made it their bread and butter as we see a rise in aspiring chefs. Every step of the way, every change of hands, SCS butter delivers and upholds the goodness and quality that it has accustomed its consumers through the generations.

What is in the form of a block of trusted goodness that you first see on a supermarket shelf, SCS butter spreads its premium quality and taste across many of your favourite foods. It is also the same loyalty and word-of-mouth that has spurred SCS to offer more by producing sibling products such as Spreadable Butter, Cheese Slices and Cream Cheese in it’s pursuit to continue to inspire passionate chefs and satisfy the gastronomical needs of discerning consumers.

04. How do I sign up to receive your latest information?

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  • About SCS

    SCS is one of the most endeared and beloved household brands in Singapore and Malaysia.


    The velvety, rich, buttery and familiar taste of SCS Butter has been savoured by families since 1905! SCS Butter is 100% pure creamery butter.


    SCS unwavering promise to consistently deliver only the best product quality even after a century, is the key reason why it remains the most sought after butter brand for top chefs and bakers alike not just in Singapore, but in Malaysia too.


    With the very same goodness of premium quality dairy products, consumers can also enjoy the SCS range of premium quality products such as SCS Spreadable Butter, SCS Portion Butter, SCS Cheese Slices and SCS Cream Cheese.