Raspberry Cupcakes

Sometimes I make cupcakes that are just too cute to eat. Then I remember – wait, these are divine! Of course I’ll eat them. And share, too!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache

Here we are again with death by chocolate.

Corn Muffins

I like bread with my meal but then I think, what else can I have? Corn muffins add variety and colour to any meal or as a quick bite. Better yet, it’s simple and quick!

Nutella Cupcakes

Every once in awhile I meet someone who has never tasted Nutella or even heard about it. Well, challenge accepted! Instead of just pointing them to local supermarket, I make my Nutella Cupcakes.

Hummingbird Cupcakes

Someone once told me that the humming bird cake got its name from the happy humming sound people make when they take their first bite. Intrigued, I knew I had to try my hand at a cupcake that holds the promise of happiness.

Lemon Cupcakes

I love combining fruits with my cakes and cupcakes. I think they add an extra bit of spice and love to an otherwise nice dessert. And these lemon cupcakes are perfect for hosting a relaxing afternoon with iced drinks and friends.

Vanilla Cupcakes w/Torched Italian Meringue

Vanilla Cupcakes w/Torched Italian Meringue

My perfect vanilla cupcakes deserve the perfect topping, in both taste and appearance.

Nutella Surprise Muffins

It’s no surprise that I like chocolate in all its glorious forms and sweet incarnations. And I’m always tweaking and experimenting, making things better. So I knew I was on to something when I added Nutella to a chocolate muffin. Surprise! 

Vanilla Sprinkles Cupcakes

I love sharing my Vanilla Cupcakes. And cupcakes are happy, aren’t they? Sprinkle some colourful toppings and it’s like a mini festival right there on the cupcake. Happiness in each bite!

Maple Cupcakes with Optional Bacon

Who doesn't love bacon? Bacon on a cupcake? Yes I say! This sweet and salty cupcake will open mouths as well as eyes. And palates! Make mine bacon!

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